$20 Three Hour Floats - Includes Parking And Shuttle


Q: Are there age and swimming requirements?
A:  The San Marcos River is a natural-forming river so it’s not very aggressive. However, it’s still recommended that people who don’t know how to swim and children under 8 still wear a life vest.
Q: Can I bring my own tube?
A: You’re welcome to bring your own tube and the cost for the shuttle only is $20 per person. We preload all of our equipment, so while we are happy to shuttle personal equipment, we may ask for your assistance to load it depending on what it is.
Q: How do I get back to my car after I float?
A: After floating down river, those who have purchased a ticket for the shuttle will be picked up and driven back to their car.
Q: What can I bring?
A: Currently, the San Marcos River does NOT have a can ban. You can bring anything you’d like except for glass and no Styrofoam. There’s nowhere to stop along the river, so make sure you pack enough drinks and any snacks you want to enjoy during your float.
Q: What does it cost to park?
A: Parking is included with the rate.
Q: Do I have to wear shoes?
A: While shoes aren’t required, we do recommend some type of footwear for getting in and out of the river, since it can be rocky and a bit slick. You’re welcome to leave them on or take them off during your trip.
Q: Do you have lockers?
A: We don’t have lockers at this time.

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